Five books that help you travel to inner corners of the world

When i am not traveling or unable to just abandon everything (though very much like to do that once in a while) and pick up a bag and Jet -set go to far off destination. Picking up a book of the shelf gives the same sense of getting lost to new worlds and learn more about new culture or even more of mine at times.

Although, I have a special inclination of women oriented books but i read any good stuff available out there. I still don’t like so much reading articles digitally, i like to have physical copy not only the smell of the of the book that helps stimulates my mind and strengthen focus and cut down the indulgence of my screen time invariably.  I stopped preferring the company of the television and my Samsung phone to the novel. Reading for me is like a practicing mindfulness of guided mediation. You seem to forget everything else and get absorbed in the lives of the character as if watching them unfolding their adventures journey of a lifetime.

I read somewhere a quote that a reader lives many lives. It is so true- living the lives’ of the character act as an escapism even it mean only an hour or two end the end of the day. For me it’s the art of switching off for hour’s without having the urge to fiddle with my phone or getting hooked on FB and get bombarded with news feed. It is the best way to put the rest of the day behind and quite a recipe for good night sleep as well.

Reading transports you into another world, i have felt that i have totally immersed in a world that you feel the vacuum when you back to reality after finishing the book. Therefore, I keep piles of books that are readily available on my nightstand for the next read.

Today i like to share of the novels that provided me pure escapism and transported me to the world I never knew and were indeed page turners.  Many times, the part of the character are those that you may have come across and other part is of a different dimension that is so different one of yours but you becomes the part of their world. , it is most beautiful way to escape the daily hustle bustle of life and put the rest of the day behind us. Check out these five books and let them take you entirely somewhere else.

May 2

May you be the mother of thousand sons by Elisabeth Bumiller: When a trip is planned to India, it sparked a reading spree in me like never before! I buy lot of books set in India that spanned both geography and time, accompanying me on my journey to various places and events i might have come across and connects to India more deeply. This is about an American based woman taking a trip to India and follows a story about Indian women from several sections that are still relevant because the subject is so relatable when you are growing up in early 90s. At times, the novel drags a bit and I tend to read to understand the background more in detail.

This is the perspective of the author after having lived in India for 3 years which most part is true and you see the event same as the writer, as she interviewed a selection of women in India, in the late 1980s-90s.

This was an extremely interesting book about the lives of women from various classes in India, from the poor villagers to upper-middle-class women. Being Indian and growing up in that era, i have come across on and off from a distant memory of the events but missing the overall picture of various real life stories contributing to the topic. It’s a book that gives me the glimpse of the forbidden practices of my own culture that still hold true.


No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith – I got this book as one of the many books that was bought in a trip to India. It’s about a lady detective- Mma Ramotswe who remains to an extremely likeable character and all of the books move at a very relaxed pace making for an enjoyable read. Its compilation of short detective story, made me cling to it till the end of the story till the mystery is revealed. As well,  It let me peeped into African buzzing markets of Gaborone and discover the beauty of the Chobe National Park, Tuli Block, Tsodilo Hill and the Mokolodi Game Reserve.

I feel like making take a trip to Botaswaa sometime. It is so simply written and every adventure, mystery unfolds with in short chapters of the novel. The other advantage of this book is that cultivate to read more and more, its gripping and keep you going. So if you are not into reading yet, grab this one first.

White tiger

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga – it’s the depiction of darker times in India and the window to India’s ever changing economic condition. In some way, it could be compared to depicting India situation with a movie like slum dog millionaire. When you are not big fan of movies like slum dog millionaire, you feel like it’s some sort of India-bashing on a large scale-as it paints an unflattering portrait of India that is the ugly dark side of poverty in India. I like it when truth is told on your face rather than brushing things under the carpet. I was quite engaged page to page as it connected me instantly with the book giving me a brief visual tour of Delhi as well.

French lover by Taslim Naserin–  I got hold on to his novel when i took my first Frankfurt library membership. I found this book in the rack of library in the English section written by Bangladeshi writer Taslim Naserin.

It was clear that novel is based on women so i quickly picked it up. It’s about the Bengali women struggle in Paris. It gives a glimpse of the struggle of young Bengali women based in Kolkata and her journey to far land to Paris. Both the stopover being favorite cities of mine, made me to pick up the novel instantly off the shelf of that library. It’s quite easy and interesting read and my plan is to go for “Lajja” written by the same author which is supposed to be several notches higher and has earned lot of awards as well as criticism. That’s for next time though.

A monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma– That was first ever book that i read during my stay in Frankfurt (that was definitely some time ago), but the impression it made lasted forever. I lost the count now to how many times i have recommended this book to read, it is one of self –improvement category books that has to make a place in my top 5 favorites because it defines the life changing moment.

A thought that liners by writer provoke is so long lasting, i start to look outside of the window in the horizon to absorb the reading. It’s really worth reading this novel. Once you are on it, it seems to be impossible to put it down. It was my one of fast ever read book. I read that in PDF version and wish to have this book in paperback one day and treasure in my collection which i wish to go back once in a while. That’s the energy of this book.


What are your readings that sweep your imagination away to places?




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  1. Hi Ashu,
    Its so true “Reading transports you into another world” that’s why selection of book is very important… in someway it infuence our thoughts aswell…..lovely description of books…I would love to start with A monk who sold his ferrari by Robin Sharma…..At the end thanks for taking time and writing about the books to inspire us to read


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