Miltenberg- walking into a postcard city

Recently, I have become a fan of medieval towns and the thought flickered through my mind last evening that for the aura and majestic fairy-tale looking architecture and the ability to be lost in the forgotten times for a while is the reason to it. Miltenberg has been in my bucket list for a very long time now as the next destination in the list of-to be explored half-timbered towns of Germany.

View of Miltenburg
Mainstreet of Miltenburg

Miltenberg is little charming town located on the boarder of Bavaria near lower francocina with the population of 9000. Having been to other medieval towns, I have found that grandeur and serenity that’s goes around Miltenberg is what makes this town different from the rest. With its 16th century half-timbered framed vibrant colorful houses in the allay of the market square and a magical looking fountain in the middle of market square tells the stories of long forgotten times.

Renaissance fountain in the middle of market square
Mainstreet of Miltenburg

Everything here moves so slowly, there is no hustle bustle; everything seems to be settled and stay in the moment. You see people casually taking stroll around the vibrant city or have found their little cozy corner in the coffee shop or some stories shared over long extended lunch in the sunshine with family or friends. There is no rush and no list to dos than to simply sit down and see the world go by.


After a soaking up in the history and long leisure walk of strolling along the main street of the town, we advanced to the fountain at the main square. In the backdrop there is charming 15th century half-timbered house which has not suffered any war damage and has been preserved by German Law.


Miltenburg musem



As you pass the city hall, along the main street, chances are that you won’t miss this great and oldest restaurant of Germany in operation today and it goes back to 1435. It is situated right in the middle of the city.

Oldest Restaurant of Germany- Zum Riessen

We found a table for 3 and the menu looks like the journal of full of traditional Bavarian specialties and Miltenberg locally brewed beers of 16 different kind of beer’s from the local Faust Brewery which is also a short walk from the Restaurant. The ambiance of this over 400 year old restaurant alone is worth a stop but the locally brewed beer combined with a good meal elevate this place to the “must see” category.

Oldest Restaurant of Germany written in German on the building of the Restaurant

We tried the Bavarian beer, bratwurst, and sauerkraut with some fresh grilled fish. Lilttle suri was happy to have his perfect grilled Bavarian bratwurst . They were very good and not pricey.The menu of the restaurant is in form of journal, which was unusual and interesting. If you go to Miltenberg, the Gasthaus will be pointed out and please go inside, sit down and stay awhile.


After having a perfect regional  meal, we started to move forward  to market square and then upwards towards the ‘Schnatterloch’ where you can visit the city’s museum or walk up even further, either through a gate which leads into a small forest area or steep stairs to your right.

One of the entries to Milteburg museum-steep walk  through the woods

Not knowing that we chose the long steep path around woods. It wasn’t too bad but not to see single soul along the way wasn’t very comforting. But then unable to locate the destination after 20 min of steep walk , we started to walk down and found there seems to be another way to reach up. It is a steep walk up on the cobblestone to the castle but not strenuous and the view from the top made it worthwhile.

One of the entries to Milteburg museum- not so steep walk on the cobblestone path



The view gives a stretch outline of the landscape of miltenburg beauty with soft curves of the hills and surrounded forest around it and a Jakobkirche church bell looking over the town along the horizon.  The view so enchanting  that it infuses the  sense of harmony and connection with the nature in that moment.

View of Miltenberg

Miltenberg is a fabulous beautiful town oozing with history that made it a great day trip to wander and lost into forgotten era of medival times for few hours. It’s a place where fairy tales comes alive..


3 thoughts on “Miltenberg

  1. What a beautiful post! 😍 As a native German speaker, please let me add a small correction. The name of Germany’s oldest restaurant is Rießen, not Riefen. It is a medieval word, meaning giant, which is in todays’s German spelled “Riesen”.

    Many greetings from Germany to all of you


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Inken. Appreciate your read and glad that you liked the post. I have now corrected the spelling of the resturant : )))


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