Colmar- A fairy tale’s town


 I have been to many beautiful cities in Europe and by far Colmar is very unique. It has the German architecture, French aura and a landscape of Venice canals (the canals are not that grand or flashy as in Venice) navigating across the town. With the picturesque town with the half-timbered pastel colored houses, cobblestone streets, it takes you back in time in medieval era. It is the third largest city in the Alsace region and situated on France border with Germany. It is hardly one hour drive from northern western part of Germany and can be reached in approx. 3 hrs. from Frankfurt.  It took us 1hr 20 min to reach from Black forest, we made our base in a beautiful town of Zell am Hammerbrach. Colmar has very preserved its old town charm very well and is one of the prettiest towns in Europe.  We were very happy to have found this Gem; it is pity that the city is not yet made it top destinations for overseas tourists.



The city has a very strong influence of German due to its long history, which is apparent on the language, lifestyle, food and its Architect. Colmar is a charismatic town which is the hybrid of both cultures. It is not entire French or German. It is Grench by all means. This is what it makes, the town of Colmar very exclusive.

It totally blows my mind to that think that something so close from Frankfurt and yet culture apart. And yet it takes only a vertical line of border to be in a different world. The half-timbered houses painted in the pastel colors; lined up narrow Street of Colmar seems as if they lifted straight from a painting of that century.


Once you get into the city, you will immediately find the difference. Despite an apparent uniformity, the road sign looked different. So we knew at what point, we entered into France. The font and color used in Germany for road signs are different than in France notably. And such differences become more prominent as you get out of your car parking area and start to cruise into the city of Colmar by walk. You hear lot of French spoken in the background, It wasn’t French; it has a different accent to French may be it was German way of speaking French. With the combinations of local architecture, landscape, language, culture etc.  The city had special and unique aura.

I believe, Colmar is the city which usually has its usual charming décor throughout the year. But the holiday season is when it shines through and this time of the year was an Easter time, and some parts of the main old town was decked up with Easter theme.



In one corner, there were homemade chocolates sold, somewhere fresh waffles were cooked and other corners were busy with typical street style foods. It got crowded and people started pouring on, we made our way quickly out as the little Suri was more interested to say hello to small popular animals housed in a cage . My son had time of his life time of running around, looking at fully decorated shops, looking down from the bridge at the canals pointing and saying river, ducks, water. I would highly recommend taking the boat ride running though the canals. It cost around 6 euros and last for 30 min.




After that we headed for our lunch in one of the small and cosy restaurant. I ordered pizza Napoli thinking that it will be a like normal cheese, tomatoes sauce pizza but it had filling of some strange fish, which was quite salty in nature. Lesson learnt, apples does not necessarily means apple in other countries.

Colmar is rich in culture, every corner of the town speak the long forgotten stories. It’s a photographers dream; you never get enough photographs of this place. Every corner is a delight. Colmar is good time off from the usual hustle bustle of the big city.


Colmar is by far the prettiest town of Europe. Do you know other colourful towns like Colmar?



19 thoughts on “Colmar

  1. Wow! lots of Colors! Colored place! Good compilation of details about Colmar. Thanks for sharing such an informative content. The canal tour sounds wonderful. There is something very interesting about traveling by boat through a city. Chocolates could work as an additional attraction for kids. What is the advice about shopping attraction there?

    In Black forest area, which of the spots are the favorite and can be clubbed along with Colmar for a 3-4 day trip? Where should the headquarter be made?


    1. thanks. I would advise to make your base in Colmar which we didnt do and really regretted. You can combine with Strasbourg and other region from Black forest. Colmar is not so big for shopping I would say..but they are quite famous for handmade chocolates which we found heavily delicious.


  2. Excellent…i end up wishing to visit Colmar..when u travel its important to pen down the thoughts….beautifully written article….keep posting


    1. Thanks. You should keep that in your is still untouched from the regular hustle bustle of the normal big cities.


  3. Wow such a beautiful description.
    Anybody can fall in love with this town after reading this 🙂
    Definitely I am going to visit this place soon now..
    Thanks for sharing the details.


  4. I really enjoyed reading your article and have added one more tourist destination to my list. Feels I myself took a stroll in this beautiful, colorful place. All the pictures are wonderful. Looking forward to many such experiences of yours.


    1. Thanks Pratibha! i am sure you wont be disappointed. Its unexplored among many…so close to Frankfurt yet so hidden.


  5. Written very impressive, the pictures show very beautiful place. The descriptions written increases my eagerness to visit this place.


  6. Hey your description about Colmar made me think about so many places having two different cultures … These places are really amazing ….loved your pictorial presentation of Colmar… Keep it up …


    1. Thanks Neha…colmar is literally pained red. .love to hear your experience about two culture one country.


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