About Me



I hail from Delhi, India and have been settled in Germany for a quite many years now. Its 2016, spring is sprinting, I have made my house my home in the beautiful small historical town, outskirts of Frankfurt, with my husband and 2.5 year old son. While growing up in Delhi, I found myself hooked up to travel show “Lonely Planet”. All the travel logs fascinated me, which subconsciously made the feeling of conscious meditation… and motivated me to host my very own travel show… yea childhood knows no barriers. As with most of us, I find myself wrestling with the daily hustle bustle of life… completing the school, college, then further studies, finding a job, family, child etc etc. Did I leave it to my luck? Or supreme power had better plans for me…

Catering to know more about unexplored part of the earth, I took up German language in Delhi; to me it worked as a transit to other part of planet. Learning a foreign language gave me a whole new dimension about culture, people, countries, food and customs of different cultures. Eventually, as my luck would have it, I came to Germany to work for a major Bank. Although, I craved for a life of travel and exploration, I converted myself to a leisure traveller. I am an ordinary person who loves her job, family and yes travel and wants to combine into a series of experience to live the fullest.

Being the person, I am. I cannot put at one place for too long. I looked around and travelled 10 countries and still counting. I have been to:

France- Paris, Colmar

Switzerland- Zurich, Interlaken, Lucern, Basel, St.Gallen, Zermatt, Bern

Italy- Venice, Florence, Pisa, Milan, Lake como

Norway- Oslo, Bergen

Czech Republic- Prague

Austria- Salzburg, Vienna

Greece- Athens, Santorini

Spain- Grand Caneria

Turkey- Antalya

Germany- Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Trier, Nurnberg, Erlangen, Herzogenaurach, Heidelberg, Black Forest, etc I live in Germany now.

I love reading novels and any good stuff which grabs my attention. I like action/sci-fi Hollywood movies for some reason.  I like to be outside in the sun. My wish list includes visiting Japan and Egypt.

In 2013, my son was born, since then everything for me revolved around my son. Although I didn’t stop traveling but traveling with a baby was an overwhelming and “different” experience. As for me, the urge to travel and uncover the corners of the world still persists. I look forward to give that curiosity to my child through the gateways of this exciting world which helps uncover the ultimate purpose of ours lives on this planet.


When he was little too young, as cautionary measure, I toned down my traveling appetite, but I realized there is no defined “safe age” to travel. So, here I am ready to cover lot of ground with my chocolate lover monkey. I am not an expert with traveling with a kid. But, I find my way out with most of my nervous parenting, with lessons learnt and google. The best is, making my mind accustomed to different forms of mental gymnastics (thx to my son- that is one exercise, is not skipped).

Once I got used to my new “you” btw which needs lots n lots of patience. I am just able to mange a “different” challenge. Agreed, traveling with a kid needs not only lot of mental preparation, it is needed to adjust itineraries and consider kids needs as well. The journey might just not be a glamorous but definitely a memorable one. Yeah, he will not remember the trip he took with me, but I sure will do.

The main reason for my starting a travel blog is to get in touch with like-minded people, and share information/tips, and interests to travel with family.

Please join me when I take you around on our journey and be excited to live yours side of adventure!

Time to connect two worlds!!